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Playford Promenade: Music Weddings and Grand Occasions

The Recording

Kammeraderie: Playford Promenade: Music for Weddings and Grand Occasions

Playford Promenade: Music for Weddings and Grand Occasions is now available as a digital recording. It offers unique music for processionals and recessionals for the bride and groom looking for something different. It's available as a digital download from CDBaby as well as Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play. You can preview the music and purchase either the complete album or individual tracks. Released 4/9/2015.

The Sheet Music

Playford Promenade: Music for Grand Occasions features 42 delightful Old English tunes from the Playford editions arranged by Dorothy Barth for two instruments.  Brides and grooms in search of  unique music for their wedding ceremony--whether it be a garden ceremony, a Renaissance or Medieval ceremony, a Celtic ceremony, or any wedding in need of music that is intimate, haunting, and rare--will be thrilled with Playford Promenade. Dorothy Barth created these arrangements for use with her husband Bert for their wedding performances. However, musician friends who saw and played the work in progress expressed interest in owning a copy for their own use or for their students. This encouraged Dorothy to make Playford Promenade available as sheet music. 

  • Arranged for two instruments: Recorder/flute and violin or two violins

  • Wonderful for use as wedding processionals and recessionals

  • Great Renaissance faire or student recital pieces

  • Available as a digital download through Sheet Music Plus.

"These are very nice arrangements and I can see why you did them, seems not easy to find good duets for flute and violin! Exactly what I needed. Thank you very much for publishing them and making them available." (2013)

"... I received the book Playford Promenade today and played the whole book tonight with my flute partner, and we were both absolutely in awe! The duets are ALL so beautiful and they will be wonderful to perform, to just play for fun, and to use for teaching! I have tons of duet books, but this is an absolute gem, it is going to be my favorite forever! This is the book I have been looking for for over 10 years! I play flute and recorder (soprano and tenor). I can't thank you enough for putting together such a lovely book. Its so unique, magical, romantic and charming. I know the people whom I perform it for in the future will agree! ....(2010)

"We used your music for the prelude, processional and recessional .... It was something different from what either of us had ever done and we had a lot of fun rehearsing and playing it for the wedding. People attending the wedding really enjoyed it.... Thanks so much! " (2008 wedding, NY)

"I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your collection of duets. I am really going to enjoy playing them. Thank you!"

"I can't wait for your arrangements to be played at my wedding...."

"Thank you for putting together such a nice collection of music."

"The sound files are gorgeous."

"Your music is wonderful and I'm so glad I found it on the internet. I can't wait to get it!"

 The creative process that produced Playford Promenade involved:

  • perusing over 500 Playford tunes to determine which would be great for wedding use

  • arranging the 42 chosen tunes for two C instruments (two violins or recorder/flute and violin)  using principles of harmony and counterpoint

  • playing the arrangements  many times to ensure they are consonant and pleasing for ceremonial use

  • creating and copying the layout (Playford Promenade is self-published in an attractive spiral-bound format)

Note to American Recorder Society members and other recorder/flute players:  You may wonder whether the bottom (violin) part of the Playford Promenade duos is  playable on tenor recorder or flute. Many of  the lower parts do not go below middle C and can thus be played without transposition on tenor recorder or flute.  On others, minor octave transposition may be necessary: 

  • Some have simple double stops; in this case the lower note could be omitted. 

  • On others you would need to transpose up an octave on a few notes. 

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