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Recorder Music for a Woodland Wedding
Sweet and gay the elfsongs sing
Enter now the faerie ring

Great News! The sheet music for Finding the Faerie's Voice is now available as a digital download  from Sheet Music Plus. The available downloads are by section: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Woodland Wedding Duos.  Check out Dorothy's digital offerings.    

"What makes the recorder beloved by faeries? Just like the faeries, the recorder is ancient, dating back to a time when all the world was green, when it was easy for faeries to hide and play their elf songs unseen and uninterrupted. The recorder.... is delicate and nimble and slightly mischievous just like the faeries themselves. It is stealthy and hides easily in a pocket or beneath a faerie's wing. It is lightweight and travels well; thus it can emerge in unexpected places. Yet its songs may cast their spell across heather, woods, and glen and speak even to the birds."

(from Dorothy Barth's 2008 article, Finding the Faerie's Voice, published in the  Autumn 2008 issue of Faerie Magazine! )

Let flutes of fancy sprinkle their sound magic at your woodland wedding!  Predecessor of the modern silver flute, the recorder dates back to Medieval times flutes of fancy's recorders are crafted of fine ebony, rosewood, and boxwood. The recorder is highly portable and therefore well suited to woodland venues. Your wedding music will be played on two recorders and will include Celtic, Medieval, and Renaissance selections as well as music from Finding the Faerie's Voice, Dorothy Barth's original music for a woodland wedding.

Listen below to four solos and five wedding duos from Finding the Faerie's Voice. Suggested uses of the weddings duos are listed below each link.

Solo Elfsong:

From Spring:
Crocus Chanson 
(playable on soprano or alto recorders; here
recorded on the alto)

From Summer:
Titania's Waltz 

From Autumn:
Autumn Elfsong
Fall in Love

From Winter:
Rainbow Rondeau
Snow Queen (Background music for this page)

Duo Elfsong for a Woodland Wedding
(soprano and alto recorders):

Woodland Wedding   

On Gossamer Wings
Prelude, Meditation, Candle Lighting)

Everywhere Enchantment
(Procesional or Prelude)

No Longer a Dream
(Prelude, Meditation, Candle Lighting)

Rustic Dance
(Recessional, Postlude)

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